Invocation for the New Year

May you look tenderly on the year past to draw from it strength, wisdom, and perspective.

May you feel peace within your heart as we approach the cleansing power of turning the page.

May you approach your resolutions, goals, intentions with fearless audacity, for the biggest dreams are those that move us in the direction we are intended for.

May you find joy in the moment, opening your heart to accept and appreciate even the trying or tiring times.

May you find inner stillness, to hear your deepest and truest self, and let that stillness be your touchstone when you feel lost.

May you be filled with love beyond measure, for your self, for your loved ones, and for all you have the privilege to walk this earth with.

May nothing dim your most beautiful light. May you shine it brightly, wherever you go.

Here’s to the new year, may it be exactly what you need.

Start with gratitude


I have been waiting for something momentous to inspire me to launch this blog. I wanted to kick things off with a brilliant, inspirational look forward. I thought, “I will start in the New Year. That seems fitting.”

We have all taken notice; everyone is lamenting the trials of 2016. What a year, on a global level. And I’m sure, for many of you, on a personal level, as well. I am no exception. 2016 has not spared me the unmistakable pain of breaking things apart to make room for the new. I have not wanted to dwell on the pain, only move forward. But life has taught me that if we do not honor our pain, find gratitude for the role the pain is playing in our lives, we will continue to experience it until we have learned what the universe is trying to teach us. So, with little fanfare, my heart calls me to start here, not where it is new, but where I am.

How do I honor this pain, I have asked myself. As with every stuck point in life, it always seems to come back to starting with gratitude. If I do not want to carry the negativity of 2016 forward into the new year, I must learn to look lovingly upon the pain and hardships, and give gratitude for them.

Here is, then, what I must thank 2016 for:

  • For teaching me that nothing in this life can be taken for granted. Each day we must show love, seize the opportunity, show up for life and shine the brightest that we possibly can, because nothing is guaranteed beyond this moment. We think there will be time, but nothing in this life is promised.
  • For bringing me through darkness so that I may see the power of my own light and for helping me see that it is because that light is so powerful that darkness is drawn to me. The only way I can combat this is by continuing to shine.
  • For reminding me that my children are still growing, and I must grow with them. My love may be unconditional, but it still needs to be cultivated. Both of my stepkids have unique love languages that are different from my own, and when I meet them where they are, difficult as it may be for me, my own capacity in these languages grows and I step closer to my higher self.
  • For reinforcing the importance of loving boundaries. I must always strive for openness, kindness, and love towards all, but I also must protect my tender self from the toxicity of those who live in darkness. Boundaries are an important form of love towards myself.
  • And most importantly, for teaching me that I deserve my own love just as much as anyone else. As many mistakes as I have made, I must look upon them not with guilt or judgment, but with loving kindness. Each step in my life is part of my greater journey and I only learn by walking through troubled waters.

Between now and the new year, take time to look back upon everything 2016 has brought you in your life and find the space in your heart for loving gratitude. Do not let any pain or negativity darken the light you deserve to shine.